ArODES HES-SO, the Open Archive of the faculties of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO) was initiated in 2015 under the impetus of the Business, Management and Services faculty. It was then extended to all faculties of HES-SO in 2017.

The objectives of ArODES are the following :

The HEG-GE library is the business owner of ArODES and makes sure the data recorded by the various actors of the HES-SO libraries are consistent. It also provides information and advice on the way to publish in Open Access.

The HES-SO network staff can connect to ArODES with their SWITCH edu-ID login in order to access publications which distribution is otherwise restricted due to copyright.

For any question about ArDOES, please contact the HEG-GE library at arodes@hes-so.ch.