This paper presents the findings from the early sta ges of a mixed-methods, multi-phase research project which examines the integration of Web 2.0 tools in the higher education classroom to increase student information seeking, collaborat ion, and self-regulation. Exploratory research using in-depth semi-structured faculty (n=5) interv iews and student (n=17) focus groups suggested that both faculty and students alike are looking fo r alternative methods of course delivery more in line with the connected world that we are living in . These findings informed the redesign of an undergraduate marketing course trialled throughout one full semester. In order to collect data on the student (n=85) perceptions a French version of the PPI-IvT (Lee & Tsai, 2011) questionnaire was used. The results rather surprisingly suggest that students are not as ready for change as they might purport to be. The paper closes with suggestions fo r educators who might want to head down this path.