The main objective of this paper is to suggest a new construct “brand interest” as new component for brand equity in hospitality and how it could measure. Traditional approaches for brand awareness measurement are based on surveys distributed to a limited participant. On contrary our approach, about brand interest, will aim to collect all the online search queries made by customers around the world about specific brands. Our initial motivation was to embrace the future with this unique opportunity of available data that we now call big data . This research is testing the feasibility of new ways of data collection and new benchmarking tool for the hospitality industry with a specific focus on luxury brands. Methods initially used are a literature review, followed by quantitative analysis of the search queries from different market. The main results indicate convergence with classical brand awareness; however our findings sugg est that the measurement of our new construct open new opportunities for brand performance measurement and benchmarking, demand tracking and conversion, assessment of online and offline marketing decisions either from a global and local perspectives.