While Property Management System ( PMS ) is often referred to as the single most important IT application for hotels, field studies report an u nderutilization of the software functions. We suggest that while structural variables can explain this phenomenon , inadequate training and application by end - users also contribute . We designed a two - stage methodology. First we collected data from a survey of 160 hotels to establish the situation with regards to the PMS in hotel. We further explored the reasons of underutilization of PMS with in - depth interviews of f ront desk managers . Quantitative data analysis shows that little is spent on IT training at the hotel level that contributes to underutilisation. . Results of the interviews analysis reveal two major barriers to the full utilisation this critical IT system PMS in hotels. Front desk managers identified training and divergent departmental needs as the field constraints to use the PMS to its full potential. Key Words Information system, PMS, Training Theme 5 - Functional Futures Introduction Hotel propertie s widely use Property Management Systems (PMS) software ( Fuchs, Witting and Hopken, 2009 ; Murphy and Kokaz , 2011) . This information system allows hotel man