Romanian citizens remain haunted by the gruesome crime that took place in Caracal—a small city in the southern part of the country—in 2019. Alexandra Măceșanu, a 15-year-old girl, was kidnapped by an illegally operating taxi driver who raped, murdered, and then burnt her body in a barrel. She had managed to call 112, the emergency hotline, on the second day that she spent in the murderer’s house. However, despite her three desperate calls, the police could not find her because of their dismissiveness and incompetency. Consequently, the Romanian press published over 3000 articles about the case in the six weeks after the information first surfaced. Thus, this article aims to analyze the aforementioned coverage. The analysis revealed that despite the fact that this was one of the most violent manifestations of gendered violence, most articles ignored this aspect and focused on others such as corruption within the police- or the inefficiency of the hotline.