TREC 2020 Precision Medicine Track aimed at developing specialized algorithms able to retrieve the best available evidence for a specific cancer treatment. A set of 40 topics representing cases (i.e. a disease, caused by a gene and treated by a drug) were provided. Two assessments were performed: an assessment of the relevance of the documents and an assessment of the ranking of documents regarding the strength of the evidence. Our system collected a set of up to 1000 documents per topic and re-ranked the documents based on several strategies: classification of documents as precision medicine-related, classification of documents as focused on the topic and attribution of a set of evidence-related scores to documents. Our baseline run achieved competitive results (rank #3 for infNDCG according to the official results): more than half of the documents retrieved in the top-10 were judged as relevant regarding the topic. All the tested strategies decreased the performances in the phase-1 assessment, while the evidence-related re-ranking improved performance in the phase-2 assessment.