In the Swiss Alps, most of the touristic destination are fragmented. However, even if the destination is not integrated, customers enjoy their stay as a whole experience. To enhance the satisfaction of their customers, Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) try to foster the integration of the destination in order to enhance the customer journey experience. This would lead to a better satisfaction of the customers. To integrate the destination, DMOs have to foster collaboration between the different actors of the customer journey and could a create a marketplace where customer can book and purchase all touristic products. Then, the digitalization of the customer journey based on a smartphone application facilitates the transactions between the customers and the service providers. Even if the score seems perfectly written, the coordination of all partners, as well as the app, must be tested before the arrival of the first customers. To this end, there is a need to develop a methodology to organize a High-Fidelity Simulation as a Soft Opening of the destination to test the integration of the destination at scale, especially the logistical as well as the psychological attributes of the customer journey. To illustrate the operationalization of this methodology based on Service Operation Management tools, a case-study in the Swiss Alps is described.