ImageCLEF is a part of the Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF) initiative and presents a set of image information retrieval tasks. ImageCLEF was historically focused on the variety of multimodal image classification, retrieval and annotation tasks. The tuberculosis task started in ImageCLEF in 2017 and changed from year to year. This year’s edition was dedicated to the automatic generation of a lung-wise CT report (CTR) based on three relevant CT findings. This year 9 groups from 8 countries participated in the task and submitted results. This year’s task is similar to the CTR (CT Report) subtask from the previous year, so it is possible to compare the results almost directly. Impressive improvement of the results was obtained with 0.92 (+0.10) average Area Under ROC-curve (AUC) and 0.89 (+0.20) minimum AUC for the three CT findings proposed.