Today’s technical systems are getting more and more complex associated with the rapid increase of new technologies in a number of industrial domains. These systems have to be safe for and against humans and the environment. A number of safety regulations and standards have emerged just over the last decade. Consequently, there is a significant growth of the scope and the intensity of safety assessments for technical systems, which need to comply with these new safety regulation and standards. A recent new approach emerging in the many industrial fields is Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE). It has already proven its use for simulating or demonstrating special use cases in terms of behavior. In regards to safety, the traditional approach is to run the analysis once the system is designed. However, this technique is no longer cost nor time effective. The design could be drastically enhanced if the detection and handling of possible system failures could be considered earlier in the design phase. To address this idea and to avoid late design issues, the nominal and failure behavior have to be linked together in a model e.g. by using SysML (System Modeling Language). The proposed workflow combining MBSE and fault injection is part of research projects and will be explained in this paper.