Just like several unexpected periods of crisis in human history, the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has had a strong impact on many areas of society, including crime. Studying the ramifications, causes and consequences of this impact represents a unique opportunity for researchers in many fields. this article focuses on the way cybercrime and economic abuses were affected by the crisis in Switzerland, and presents the scope and purpose of a research project launched in this field by the Institut de lutte contre la criminalité économique (ILCE) on Neuchâtel. After exploring the topic of economic abuse in times of crisis and highlighting the criminogenic factors that influence the behavior of the population during such times, the article details the types and forms of economic abuses that havee been registered in Switzerland during the pandemic and how the measures put in place by public authorities and law enforcement have strived to contain the emergency. Finally, the article puts forward how data derived from quality research could help public authorities during future crisis and suggests that a collaboration and dialogue between researchers, public authorities and law enforcement could lead to a better framework of facing cybercrime and economic crime.