We open the perspective on an applied research project in progress. Its aim is to develop, in a network of two research institutions and seven private companies primarily based in Switzerland, a digital assessment tool for creativity at three levels: individual, team and organization. At this stage, the tool consists of three online surveys, which are designed to measure the current state of an organization’s creativity and to identify improvement possibilities. In our note, we concentrate exclusively on the creativity assessment at team level, with a specific focus on diversity. Diversity has been shown to be generally positive for group creativity. Nevertheless, its effect depends highly on the team members’ perceptions and intercultural communication competences. We first outline the theoretical background, the objectives and the methodology of the research in progress. Second, we present the key dimensions for team creativity assessment. Finally, we give an insight into the specific items we have generated to better understand the impact of diversity on team creativity and to identify the communication competences that help turn it into an asset. First statistical results will be presented at the conference only as the data collection process had to be prolonged due to the COVID-19 crisis.