Within the nascent GeoWeb, democratization of GIS and cartographic practices is on the way with more and more map makers and map consumers looking for answers to their geographic and cartographic needs. This paper explains how standards are used as common languages to open the doors of collaborative edition of cartographic content. As more and more users get stuck in the making of maps, this paper describes some solutions to create adequate mapping tools adapted to various user profiles of skills. Especially for thematic mapping, until now the field of specialists, map makers want to take benefits of the analytical power of such maps. This paper brings some elements to anticipate this phenomena. Also, this paper explains how structuring cartographic content helps to make publication easier. The aim of this paper is to develop an innovative method of cartographic publication based on a polypublishing/crossmedia approach : one source, many media, many targets. It defines a cartographic document that needs to be adapted to these different media and targets while benefiting from all the winning cards of each.