The cutting tool is a key element in the material removal process. Cemented carbide tools are well established as they exist in a large variety of substrate compositions and offer the possibility to deposit a wide range of coating. Surface properties of the cutting edge determine the tool lifetime and coatings can add a significant increase. High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPiMS is a new coating technology able to deposit hard and dense layers. Pico-second LASER machining allows micro-structuration of difficult to machine material like cemented carbides without thermal impact. The combination of HiPiMS coating and ps –Laser micro-structuring was applied to the cutting edge of standard cemented carbide turning tools. For different combinations of HiPiMS –coated, ps-LASER structured tools, lifetimes in standard steel turning operation have been studied using and compared to lifetimes of standard coated and uncoated tools. A significant increase of tool lifetime having HiPiMS & ps-Laser structured tools and using minimum liquid lubrication compared to commercial, standard coated tools could be observed.