The population of people age 65 or over is increasing especially inEurope [3]. Granting to this target population a longer and healthier life isparamount for the European Community. In the context of the H2020 EUfunded project“NESTORE”[11], an embodied and ubiquitous e-coach is beingdeveloped seeking to change the lifestyle of seniors in different domains ofwellbeing. NESTORE e-coach is known as a personalized embodied andubiquitous e-coach that plays three essential roles in elderly’s wellbeing: acoach, a friend and a companion. As a coach, NESTORE will give trainings andadvice following a wellbeing path that is proposed by experts in wellbeing. As afriend, this e-coach knows and understands the user. As a companion, this e-coach has the ability to detect the user’s emotion and aims at building empathywith the user based by providing support throughout their daily training.The NESTORE e-coach is based on three different intervention medium: amobile application, a chatbot and an embodied vocal assistant. These interfaceshave different forms, different capabilities and different visions. Users cancommunicate with the NESTORE e-coach through different interfaces exclu-sively, sequentially, concurrently and synergistically. The interaction can beinitiated from the user side to different interfaces and/or from the e-coach side.In this paper, we present the NESTORE’s full vision for building the threeessential roles of this e-coach which are: a coach, a companion and a friend forseniors. Furthermore, we explain the NESTORE system design, architecture,capabilities and how the different interfaces of this E-coach contribute to make amulti-modal system. Finally, we conclude our work with the state of this H2020project.