In this article, the performance analysis of a medium-temperature solar thermal installation integrated at the Colas Suisse SA industrial site in Yverdon-les-Bains (CH) is presented. The innovative collector system supplies energy for the temperature maintenance of bituminous products and provides part of the heating needs of the administrative building in the industrial site. The initial objective of Colas Suisse SA was to cover approximately 60% of the thermal energy demand of the site with solar energy. Field measurements provided an insight into the overall operation of the installation during 2015 to 2017. Despite improvement of the system, the performance of the collector field both in terms of energy and financial aspects was found below the expected values. On the other hand, simulations have shown the potential for improvement offered by the current installation. Despite nonoptimal operation of the solar installation, a life cycle impact assessment have indicated interesting potential primary energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions.