We may be living one of the largest social innovations of modern times: The COVID19-related ‘disruption’ of the public school organization. If public education has increasingly come under criticism for being inert and inadequate for 21st century challenges, COVID-19 has shaken it up within a few days. Pressing questions emerge e.g.: What are best practices for re-inventing education in a distance-learning, home-based context? Which of these practices could be beneficial for the public education organization post-confinement? We will present stories and insights from “early adopters” who have accumulated significant experience with such distance- and home-based schooling, long before the COVID19-related confinement. Our work taps into the rich experience of the community-of-practice of homeschooling families and focuses on their best innovative practices. We intend discussing how innovation management tools and approaches may prove useful to bring the organization of education into the 21st century.