This study, aims to examine evolution of the readiness between the first and third semesters in nursing, medical imaging technicians, dieticians, midwives and physiotherapists students, towards IPE prior to undertaking IPE activities and curricula. The design was a questionnaire survey administrated at two time points. The students were invited to complete the RIPLS questionnaire, after the first and third semesters of their bachelor curriculum. After the first semester of their bachelor curriculum, 140 students participated in the study and 125 after the second year. Longitudinal analysis, showed that strength of readiness significantly increased for all of the five disciplines, but this increased was statisticaly significative only for nursing (p <0001), dieticians (p=0.0002) and physiotherapists (p=0.0016). The study shows that all disciplines are increasing their enrolement to interprofessional education in their curriculum. This observation, underlines the importance of using the most realistic scenarios and educational activities proposed, for all disciplines.