While new materials with tailored properties appear every day, the need of appropriate characterization tools is still an important concern. Analyses of thin films on thick substrate are often highly influenced by the substrate properties. A dynamical nanoindentation system has been designed and built through the integration of a nanoindenter head equipped with capacitive displacement sensing, scanning probe microscope with related XYZ scanning electronics and an additional transducer for sample actuation. Our Local-Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (L-DMA) setup allows for both, tip and sample modulation mode what somehow contrasts with commercially available systems. This issue allows for direct comparison between both techniques and therefore for consistent quantitative mechanical measurements. The system offers two distinctive measurement techniques, local mechanical spectroscopy and mechanical imaging modes. Bulk materials as well as thin films of ceramics and polymers have been used for testing and validating the setup. The instrument has been modeled in sample modulation mode and experimental results obtained for different materials were compared with simulation data.