A PCM dephaser and storage module based on a melting/freezing model was built and implemented into the Dymola-Modelica software. This software offers thermal libraries with standard components as tubes, pumps, heat exchangers, etc. Main simulation results of interest include the phase shift (delay time) caused by cylinders filled with a PCM and positioned in the storage/dephasing device. Furthermore, an entire Minergie™ house was modelled by a rather simple (economic in terms of CPU time), but still very effective thermal model. This house is connected to a suitable ventilation system chosen from a list of six different types. Therefore, also by graphical means on an interface, it is possible to create a Minergie™ house with an integrated thermal temperature lowering/phase shifting and heat recovery device. Temperature differences between a Minergie™ house connected to a storage device and a house without such a device are studied. Such systems are planned to be mainly used for hybrid cooling of Swiss Minergie™ houses in summer time. In a multi-functional application, they could also be applied in winter for a heating support. Numerous simulation results are discussed and optimal solutions are presented.