Background: A significant number of living labs (LLs) have been developed across Europe and beyond. A fraction of those LLs have established a new approach to maintaining and studying the health, autonomy, and well-being of older adults with dementia. LLs interact with a broad set of stakeholders, including students, academic institutions, private companies, healthcare organizations, and patient representative bodies - even with other LLs. It is crucial to identify what kinds of co-creations should be done and how they can be facilitated through LLs. Despite a growing body of literature, a clear overview and understanding of the services, research, and clinical activities developed in different LL settings for older adults with dementia are still lacking. Aim: The aim is to scope publications examining all types of LL activities which explore the needs of and suggest solutions for older adults with dementia, whether they live in the community or long-term healthcare facilities. Methods: The bibliographic databases to be searched will include, Medline Ovid SP, Pubmed (not medline[sb]) and Web of Science, without language or date restrictions. We will examine the bibliographies of all relevant articles found, conduct a search for unpublished studies, and perform a handsearch in relevant journals associated with LLs involved in healthcare (Electronic Journal for Virtual Organization and Networks, Technology Innovation Management Review, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management). We will consider publications in English, French, and German. Results: Bibliographic database searches will be completed in March 2020, retrieved articles will be screened, and the entire study is expected to be completed by December 2020. Discussion: This comprehensive scoping review will provide a global indication of the types and extent of LL activities aimed at older adults with dementia, whether they live in the community or in long-term care facilities.