Bonseyes is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform composed of a Data Marketplace, a Deep Learning Toolbox, and Developer Reference Platforms with the aim of facilitating tech and non-tech companies a rapid adoption of AI as an enabler for their business. Bonseyes provides methods and tools to speed up the development and deployment of AI solutions on low power Internet of Things (IoT) devices, embedded computing systems, and data centre servers. In this work, we address the deployment and the integration of Bonseyes AI applications in a wider enterprise application landscape involving different applications and services. We leverage the well-established IoT platform FIWARE to integrate the Bonseyes AI applications into an enterprise ecosystem. This paper presents two AI application deployment and integration scenarios using FIWARE. The first scenario addresses use cases where edge devices have enough compute power to run the AI applications and there is only need to transmit the results to the enterprise ecosystem. The second scenario copes with use cases where an edge device may delegate most of the computation to an external/cloud server. Further, we employ FIWARE IoT Agent generic enabler to manage all edge devices related to Bonseyes AI applications. Both scenarios have been validated on concrete use cases and demonstrators.