Due to the situation of Switzerland, located mainly in the Alpine range in which the effect of climate change conditions is quite significant, various consequences with respect to landslide frequency and intensity are expected. These impacts are important as a large development of constructions for infrastructures and holiday residential buildings has been observed during the last 20 years and has needed the implementation of limitations within the town and country planning procedures. In parallel to a long phase of production of hazard maps for the different dangers, produced at the cantonal level, that is nearly achieved, several actions have been taken to reduce the potential increase of landslide activity, namely either the velocity of slide zones, by drainage schemes, or the importance of debris flows by protection works in the torrents using steel nets. Within the regulation city plans limitations are also foreseen to reduce the potential damage of buildings located in exposed areas. But the notion of risk specifically due to climate change is not really considered and quantified in the regulations produced by the federal state.