People with learning disabilities may need to receive support from social care professionals to make choices and to change things in their life. They may need to receive advice, but sometimes they prefer not to receive advice. Professionals must trust them when they try something new. It is important that professionals know what people with learning disabilities want and need to support them in a better way. It is important that they become aware of the importance to express what they want and what they need. Abstract: Background: Intervention to increase self‐determination of people with learning disabilities is a major issue for social care practices. This study examines relational needs of people with learning disabilities regarding self‐determination in the context of the relationships they share with social care professionals. Method: We held focus group discussions to explore the relational needs of 10 residents and 10 educators at three facilities for people with learning disabilities located in the French part of Switzerland. Results: Relational needs expressed by participants with learning disabilities concern three distinct stages of the self‐determination process (pre‐choice, post‐choice and goal achievement). Conclusion: They suggest the importance of the relational quality of interventions aimed to enhance self‐determination of people with learning disabilities.