Like suggested by the International Business Management (IBM) literature dealing with SME internationalization theory and practice, OECD SMEs face various constraints and difficulties when targeting distant emerging markets and Asian ones in particular. This is why their presence is still rather modest despite the rapid rise of most Asian emerging economies. This observation leads to a central research question whether OECD SMEs in general and European ones in particular need specialized and supportive business development services (BDS) to explore and penetrate distant emerging markets such as the Asian ones. This paper is derived from a joint Franco-Swiss SME internationalization research project sponsored by the European Union Interregional Program V (2014-2021) and co-financed by Switzerland. The project was conducted in 2016-18 by two French and Swiss research teams based in the neighbor cross-border regions, namely the region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes in Eastern France, and Suisse Romande in Western and French speaking Switzerland.