Legislation for air emissions and water pollution is getting more restrictive for lakes and fresh water. FC technology is a solution to replace internal combustion engines, based on gasoline for fuel. With a better efficiency, zero emission and almost zero noise, FC boats offer a viable alternative that delivers effective motorized navigation while protecting fresh water drinking resources. A few FC boats have been developed in Switzerland, to study the feasibility of that technology. This project presents the development of a small FC propulsion system for fishermen’s boats, based on a 300 W PEMFC. The project, realized in partnership with HorizonFC (Singapore) and Minn Kota (A Division of Johnson Outdoors, Inc. - USA) consists in the integration of the PEMFC into a 1’500 W electric trolling motor system. The tests on the lake showed a silent system, reaching an efficiency of about 45%. Propelled with the 1,5 kW electric motors, powered by a 300 W PEMFC and with a battery buffer, a fishermen’s boat reaches a speed of 8 km/h.