In recent years, different approaches for handwriting recognition that are based on graph representations have been proposed (e.g. graph-based keyword spotting or signature verification). This trend is mostly due to the availability of novel fast graph matching algorithms, as well as the inherent flexibility and expressivity of graph data structures when compared to vectorial representations. That is, graphs are able to directly adapt their size and structure to the size and complexity of the respective handwritten entities. However, the vast majority of the proposed approaches match the graphs from a global perspective only. In the present paper, we propose to match the underlying graphs from different local perspectives and combine the resulting assignments by means of Dynamic Time Warping. Moreover, we show that the proposed approach can be readily combined with global matchings. In an experimental evaluation, we employ the novel method in a signature verification scenario on two widely used benchmark datasets. On both datasets, we empirically confirm that the proposed approach outperforms state-of-theart methods with respect to both accuracy and runtime.