The 700 V DC-microgrid installed at HES-SO Valais-Wallis integrating PV-production, battery storage and consumption, has been upgraded in terms of installed PVpower, stronger load variations, and an improved regulation scheme for the energy consumption over day-night cycle. The installed PV-power was raised from 10 kWp to 15 kWp. Whereas previously all PV-modules were injecting via individual DC/DC converters, this time a serial DC/DC converter has been developed. This allows the installation of serial PV-strings of standard dimension generally used in DC/AC based PV-plants. The grid management system now comprises a battery system of about 75 kWh nominal storage capacity that has been operated for solar peak shaving. It thus allows transferring the power surplus for reducing the exchange between the semiautonomous DC microgrid and the AC mains. In addition, an electrolysis system is being tested to use and store surplus power. In terms of consumers, a 5kVA heat pump and a 22kVA electric car charging point have been added to the grid.