ImageCLEF is the image retrieval task of the Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF). ImageCLEF has historically focused on the multimodal and language-independent retrieval of images. Many tasks are related to image classification and the annotation of image data as well as the retrieval of images. Since 2017, when the tuberculosis task started in ImageCLEF, the number of participants has kept growing. In 2019, 13 groups from 11 countries participated in at least one of the two subtasks proposed: (1) SVR subtask: the assessment of a tuberculosis severity score and (2) CTR subtask: the automatic generation of a CT report based on six relevant CT findings. In this second edition of the SVR subtask the results support the assessment of a severity score based on the CT scan with up to 0.79 area under the curve (AUC) and 74% accuracy, so very good results. In addition, in the first edition of the CTR subtask, impressive results were obtained with 0.80 average AUC and 0.69 minimum AUC for the six CT findings proposed.