Abstract. Healthcare is undergoing a big data revolution, with vast amounts of information supplied from numerous sources, leading to ma-jor paradigm shifts including precision medicine and AI driven healthcare among others. Yet, there still exist significant barriers before such ap-proaches could be adopted in practice, including data integration and interoperability, data sharing, security and privacy protection, scalabil-ity, policy, and regulations. Blockchain provides a unique opportunity to tackle major challenges in healthcare and biomedical research, such as en-abling data sharing and integration for patient-centered care, data prove-nance allowing verification authenticity of the data, and optimization of some of the healthcare processes among others. Nevertheless, technolog-ical constraints of the current blockchain technologies necessitate further research before mass adoption of the blockchain-based healthcare data management is possible. We analyze context-based requirements and ca-pabilities of the available technology and propose a research agenda and new approaches towards achieving intelligent healthcare-data manage-ment using blockchain.