In this paper, we discuss educational challenges oriented toward service design in order to galvanize the offer of tourism services with an illustration of the Swiss Matterhorn region. Indeed, based on outdated business practices, the tourism economy of Switzerland is losing momentum. In response, it is now vital that Swiss Alpine tourist destinations shift from a construction to an exploitation-based business model. In this paper, we explain this difficult context, make some links with the scientific literature and detail the service design curricula we have implemented over the last years at the Swiss School of Tourism to foster innovation in tourism services. In particular we develop the following thesis. We believe that service design as a way to foster innovation will enable the Swiss Matterhorn Region to stage a spontaneous and authentic revisited tourism experience. Consequently teachers and educators need to train students to gain a holistic appreciation of a touristic experience through knowledge sharing. Thus, they will be able to understand and manage the multifaceted complexity of touristic services.