Human workplace risk can be addressed as a business management risk and not only as a medical problem. According to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), risk is what prevents the achievement of a business objective. The most famous ERM standards are COSO ERM and ISO 31000 and include all kinds of risk categories. However, no category specifically focuses on human risk as a business risk. Even though these risks are recognized by experts as significant risks, their identification at the global level of the company and especially their evaluation remain very complex. In this paper, we propose a brief literature review of models and questionnaires that make it possible to identify and probe these human risks at work. Our goal is to use proven scientific knowledge to create a regular, fast and ergonomic bottom-up data collection system to achieve an overall human risk score for companies. This score can then be integrated into an enterprise risk mapping and allow for better governance that also integrates human risks alongside more traditional risk categories such as operational, financial, strategic and compliance risks. The challenges of our research lie mainly in the relevant and simplified collection of company data and in the definition of an overall human risk score that will be based in a further research on advanced statistical methods.