“Passeport Vacances”, abbreviated PV, is a set of leisure activities proposed to children to discover and enjoy during school holidays. During PV, activities are proposed several times, each one being an occurrence. This data set contains real data, collected by online registration during the summer of 2017. Children express their preferences for each available time slot. Organizers should assign activities to children by maximizing their expressed preferences, subject to several types of constraints: age limit, group size limit for each occurrence of an activity, diversification of the type of activities for each child, restrictions on costly activities, restrictions on the number of activities per period, and cost balancing. The CSV files in this data set represent the preferences of 634 children for 1121 activities over a two-week period. These data were used to develop the Morges 2017 Vacation Passport model, which is associated with the research article entitled “ “Passeport Vacances”: an assignment problem with cost balancing”.