This paper investigates the determinants of the Airbnb accommodation prices in rural and urban locations in Switzerland for the period 2016-2018. For the empirical analysis, 40 measurable attributes are considered, which are listed in the title description. Random effect models and quantile regressions show that the attributes that are most important for prices are luxury and penthouse, allowing between 20 and 70 per cent higher prices depending on the location and price level. Accommodations with attributes chic & designed, duplex, sauna, Jacuzzi & Spa, suite and unique in the title are also associated with higher prices. However, the role of the different attributes in determining prices of Airbnb listings differ across locations. Location specific characteristics mentioned in the title are not significantly related to prices (except ski and old town). Quantile regressions show that relevance of some quality attributes is higher for high-price offers than for low priced accommodations.