This paper proposes the use of a blockchainbased structure in order to store evidences in a digital forensics investigation. The traditional chain of evidence is augmented with properties of immutability and traceability, thanks to a cryptographic process. The blockchain is constructed by forensics experts by adding evidences through the process. Since the blockchain is immutable, it can be shared among the different parties involved in a prosecution in order to review the chain of evidence and build their case. Furthermore, the blockchain structure can be applied to other forensics fields, like drugs, firearms, NDA. This blockchain is called a Digital Evidence Inventory (DEI) and is part of a wider framework encompassing a Forensics Confidence Rating (FCR) structure, in order to give experts the ability to rate the level of confidence for each evidence and a Global Digital Timeline (GDT) to order evidence through time. The whole framework is called ‘Aldiana’.