"Memories should be transformed into projects" [Pierre Bergé]. In the early 1980s, when Monica Bolzoni considered the possibility of setting up an archive as a space for creative research into the language of fashion, no one imagined that her idea would become a major component of an ongoing consciousness of fasion both as a practice and as a cultural discipline. The cental position occupied by the archive in Bolzoni's design has proved to be a shrewd move and is even appreciated as such by today's interpreters of her inspiring work, as this unique monograph clearly shows. Students of the Masters in Type Design and in Photography, who attended a workshop held by Régis Tosetti and Davide Fornari at ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne between October 31 and November 4, 2016, has produced a typographic and photographic design in honor of Monica Bolzoni's brand, Bianca e Blu. They have taken full advantage of the designer's multifaceted archive and used it as a material, visual, and conceptual instrument to explore her inventiveness while setting themselves creative challenges. Their research has involved a variety of methodologies from the study of heterogeneous media, materials and recordings - such as magazines, articles, photos, videos, and fabrics - to a critical appreciation of her couture, and the very practice of modeling. Some women students attending the course even posed as photo shoot models in clothes and accessories from Bianca e Blu collections. No interpretation of Bolzoni's design can afford to overlook the performative streak woven into her sartorial poetics.