The purpose of this article is to examine how higher education (HE) students perceive ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and sustainability in relation to their academic programs and future careers. This quantitative study is based on a survey of more than 200 first-year students at an international hospitality school in Switzerland. The questions measure student levels of interest in three topics: ethics, CSR, and sustainability. The study also measures the perceived importance of these three topics to an eventual career in the hospitality industry. This article addresses the effectiveness of teaching ethics, CSR, and sustainability in producing positive change agents for future employment. While assumptions have been made about student awareness of ethics, CSR, and sustainability, this study shows a gap between awareness and action in HE regarding these issues. Based on student responses, there is a clear need and expectation that courses on ethics, CSR, and sustainability will be taught at some point during their academic program to better prepare them for the workplace.