AZIMUT-3 is a nonholonomic omnidirectional platform design using sidewards off-centred compliant wheels. This design makes it possible to experiment with the use of the chassis’ instantaneous centre of rotation (ICR) for motion control. Research on ICR-based motion controllers has focused on handling structural singularities and misses a more general consideration of the chassis’ kinematic and physical constraints like steering, velocity and acceleration constraints. This paper presents the design of an ICR-based motion controller for AZIMUT-3. Leveraging a new parametrization of the motion state space and the associated representation in R3 (collectively referred to as the H representation) and adapting a time scaling principle initially developed for manipulator trajectories, the designed motion controller is able to handle actuators coordination and their physical limits, as well as structural singularities. Results of tests done with the platform are presented, demonstrating the applicability of the proposed motion controller in efficiently handling these issues.