Due to their rapid evolution, mobile devices demand for more dynamic and flexible networking services. A major challenges of future mobile networks is the increased mobile traffic. With the recent upcoming technologies of network pro-grammability like Software-Defined Network (SDN), it may be integrated to create a new communication platform for Internet of Things (IoT). In this work, we present how to determine the effectiveness of an approach to build a new secured network architecture based on SDN and clusters. Our proposed scheme is a starting point for some experiments providing perspective over SDN deployment in a cluster environment. With this aim in mind, we suggest a routing protocol that manages routing tasks over Cluster-SDN. By using network virtualization and OpenFlow technologies to generate virtual nodes, we simulate a prototype system controlled by SDN. With our testbed, we are able to manage 500 things. We can analyze every OpenFlow messages and we have discovered that with a particular flow, the things can exchange information unlike the routing principle.