The ISO 14001 standard was extensively amended in 2015. The new version of the standard suggests a closer alignment of traditional environmental management systems with the footprinting approaches (Life Cycle Thinking) adopted by many corporations in recent years to assess the environmental performance of products and companies. As a result, a new link is also established with ecodesign practices. Context, risks and opportunities, performance and leadership are the four key new concepts enabling the bridge between management systems and company or product performances based on an enlarged life cycle perspective. Environmental aspects are now considered at corporate strategic level, opening the door for more integrated and structured ecodesign within companies. This document is intended as a guidance document to enable the understanding of the full consequences of integrating life cycle thinking within management systems and of how new opportunities arising from the integration may be seized. This guidance document intends to support companies and auditors in the adoption of the new standard and further promote ecodesign principles and applications.