In this paper, we are visualizing a military health ser-vice (MHS) platform which is based on hierarchical IoT architec-ture. We propose a semantic Edge based network model which plays a significant role for communicating tactical and non-tacti-cal piece of information over the network. Further, the exchange of information and subsequent data analysis on the MHS makes the system intelligent and smart. In any standard battlefield sce-nario, there is a command and control center that correlates the events happening in real time. We have made this command and control center as semantic edge component. This center is en-trusted with making vital decisions on the tactical arena of the bat-tlefield. The main aim of the proposed architecture is to provide secured zone to monitor soldiers health and their weapons condi-tions, respectively. We have also introduced the semantic edge computing mechanism to deal with the large amount of health data in terms of processing, storing and sharing information.