We propose a new aspect of mobility that combines in a same journey and in real time a carpooling service and a traditional multi-modal transportation. This mix allows to improve and complete both services. The main idea of our approach is based on the traditional multi-modal path, in which we try to sequentially substitute some subpaths of traditional multi-modal transportation to carpooling, in order to decrease the rider's arrival time at his destination. For this purpose, we first defne a closeness estimation between the user's itinerary and available drivers. This allows to select a subset of potential drivers. We then compute sets of driving quickest paths, and design a substitution process. Finally, among all admissible solutions, we select a best one based on the earliest arrival time. We provide numerical results using geographical maps, real data and public transportation timetabling. Our numerical results show the effectiveness of our system, which improves rider's arrival time compared to the traditional multi-modal path. The running time of our approach remains reasonable to use real-time transportation application.