New intermediaries are entering the market, challenging the hospitality industry to find an appropriatedistribution channel portfolio. This research investigates how many channels hotels in Austria, Germanyand Switzerland choose and what role the various channels play. Findings based on 1014 questionnairesreveal an average mix of 8.06 offline and online channel categories. Traditional channels, such as walk-insand telephone, still play a major role; however, about one fifth of the bookings are completely generatedonline. On average, 3.61 online travel agencies (OTAs) are used. With regards to OTA penetration, anoligopolistic market structure is prevalent. Swiss and German hotels’ OTA dependency is higher thanAustrian’s. A series of a posteriori cluster analysis results in four distribution portfolio groups hotelierschoose: multi-channel-, electronic-, real time-, and traditional distributors. Distribution portfolio profilesfacilitate learning from strategies used by hotels with certain characteristics such as target group andstar-rating.