Internet-of-Things (IoT) is the convergence of Internet with RFID, Sensor and smart objects. IoT can be defined as “things belonging to the Internet” to supply and access all of real-world information. Billions of devices are expected to be associated into the system and that shall require huge distribution of networks as well as the process of transforming raw data into meaningful inferences. IoT is the biggest promise of the technology today, but still lacking a novel mechanism, which can be perceived through the lenses of Internet, things and semantic vision. This paper presents a novel architecture model for IoT with the help of Semantic Fusion Model (SFM). This architecture introduces the use of Smart Semantic framework to encapsulate the processed information from sensor networks. The smart embedded system is having semantic logic and semantic value based Information to make the system an intelligent system. This paper presents a discussion on Internet oriented applications, services, visual aspect and challenges for Internet of things using RFID, 6lowpan and sensor networks.