Nowadays, many researchers are interested in the concept of Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is evolving our knowledge and conception of the world. IoT aims to offer a common communication paradigm for all objects via the Internet and its protocols. For that reasons, it is being applied in all areas of life, such as environmental monitoring, healthcare, military, cities management, and industry. One of the major challenges of the IoT is to integrate IPv6, and its related protocols, into the constrained capabilities offered by Wireless Sensor Networks, building automation, and home appliances. One of the design considerations, for the success of the IoT, is to integrate what exists from IPv6, before creating novel protocols, in order to promote and ensure the interoperability, homogeneity, openness, security, flexibility, and heritage of all existing hardware, tools, and applications of IPv6. This work presents how to integrate the management protocols in IPv6 into the emerging IoT networks based on protocols such as 6LoWPAN. An overview of the different management protocols for IPv6 is presented. Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and the considerations for IoT management from works such as Lightweight Network Management Protocol (LNMP), and the Constrained networks and devices Management (COMAN) Group from the IETF are discussed. COMAN is presenting solutions such as simplified MIB, new SNMP consideration, and CoAP-based management.